(How) can we get to St Lawrence market Sunday during Toronto Marathon?
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We were planning a trip to St. Lawrence market tomorrow morning (Sunday Oct 22) for a friends' birthday, with out-of-town guests. But I just realized tomorrow is the Toronto Marathon, and it looks like there are some crazy road closures around there. Can we do this?

We are four adults, one older kid, one toddler. Our plan was to drive down in two cars around 9, have some breakfast, visit the antique market, drive back (hopefully getting the toddler home by 12:30 or so)

Does the marathon mean this is hard to do? Completely impossible to do? Something else?

Is there a way to do this if we don't use cars?

If it matters (and I guess it might) we'll all be coming from around the Queen and Dovercourt area.
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Theres a nice interactive map here: https://www.racepoint.ca/maps/stwm.html

Why not do dovercourt -> dufferin --> gardener, get off at yonge, go down lakeshore and up jarvis? Park in the green P at the bottom of market street?
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This site says

Driving is NOT recommended during the marathon (emphasis theirs)

and to do the following to get to St. Lawrence Market if you're on foot: Exit Union subway station through Brookfield Place, walk east on south side of Front Street.

So I would just TTC it. Bus to Line 2, subway to St. George, Line 1 to Union.
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Go train or VIA rail from somwhere else with easy parking to union station and then the street car that goes right over there... Want to say its the 1 or 7?
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