i have to stop eating cold tablets
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what candies have the texture of Flintstones vitamins?

i got some airbone "immune support" tablets and they are larger versions of the flintstones vitamins: crumbly and yielding and delicious. i love crunching on them so much but i am probably going to overdose on zinc. what candies will give me this pleasantly crumbly texture? bonus for delicious fruit flavors.

sweetarts are verboten because of the green apple flavor.
smarties are disgusting.
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How about Spree? Once you get through the thin outer coating, they're pretty crumbly. Also, Nerds.
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I love to munch on sugarless vitamin C tablets. They are tangy and crumbly in exactly the way you describe. Vitamin C is water soluble so as long as you are drinking plenty of water it will pass through harmlessly.
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Necco wafers!
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I haven't had old school pastel dinner mints (or a flintstone vitamin!) in ages, but in my memory they're satisfying in the same way.
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I did a Google on "compacted candy", just guessing at what it might be called, and came across this shockingly comprehensive blog.
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Canada Mints from Necco are exactly what you are looking for.
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American Smarties!
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Possibly Smarties? (The US kind.) Second Pez if you want more crunchand texture (pro tip you can be an adult and buy a bag of pez candy on Amazon.)

(I dunno if they're similar to the vitamins with iron but they have a sorta sandy texture to me at least. I also take flintstones daily.)
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Definitely pez.
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"Smarties are disgusting" - the OP

Stop recommending Smarties
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You might actually like the chalky powdery weird sweet taste of glucose tabs.
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Fruit flavored Tums?
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I love haw flakes ( a little more crumbly/chewy than crumbly/crunchy), but it depends on how you feel about various red dyes. Alternatively, chewable Tums can deliver some calcium with the crumble.
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Yeah I like my mixed berry generic tums

Also: US, UK and CA smarties are all different, and OP has not said where they are, and are basically asking for US smarties, even if they also happen to hate them. So. Don't blame the messenger.
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Bottlecaps are great!
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Crumbly compressed sugar candies are great. And this is the season for them.

Two of my faves are Runts and Bottle Caps.
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Runts! They have a candy coating but the interior is a lot like a Flintstone vitamin.
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I know i know you said 'disgusting', but smarties come in other kinds as well and their 'sour smarties' are a lot closer to flintstones than the regular kind. I've only seen them once (at a 99-cent store of all places) and immediately went back and bought the rest(so yum! wow!). You can probably order them off the website, or maybe amazon. I think they have 'tropical' flavor too (mango, pineapple, etc) if that's something you like.)
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If you can get UK candy from anywhere, Love Hearts and Parma Violets should fit the bill (though the latter are known to be weird, flavour-wise).
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I love sweettarts and have given myself permission to throw out the vile green sour apple ones, and the nasty watermelon ones that require careful inspection of all pink sweettarts. The orange ones have a nice texture.

Baby aspiring, but you must limit them to 1/day. For real.
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I go through an unhealthy volume of Ice Breakers and they have exactly the mouth feel you describe.

FWIW, I also think Smarties/Rockets are disgusting.
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Thank you so much for asking this because it just made me discover that WACKY WAFERS ARE COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Try Refreshers, if you are travelling through the UK any time soon.

Note there is also a sherbet fruit chew with the same name - it’s perfectly nice, but wrong texture.
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They're denser and less powdery than Flintstones vitamins but if you're prone to sucking on candies they eventually break apart and dissolve in a similarly satisfying way. I'm fond of the Wintermynts, which are strong enough to make me sneeze after I've had a few (even Altoids can't trigger sneezes) but they also have a vanilla mint flavor which is milder. I've only ever seen them at Trader Joe's.

What I also like is that they're sweetened with sorbitol rather than sugar or aspartame.
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