Candy that tastes like vitamins
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Do you know of any candy (gummy bears, worms, other shapes) that tastes just like gummy vitamins?

I like my gummy vitamins a little too much, and I'd like to avoid downing half a bottle in a day. I'd like to supplement with normal candy, but I haven't found any that I like as much as the vitamins. My favorites are the Vitafusion Omega 3 gummy vitamins, but I'm also a fan of their multivitamins, Energy B12 gummy vitamins, and the Power C vitamins.

I think I like that they're slightly tart, without being sour like sour gummy candy. Most of the gummy candy I've tried is too sweet. Any ideas about gummy candy I should try? Candy easily available in the US would be best.
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I have found lychee flavored gummy candy at the local asian food store that has that almost tart quality. I forget the name of the brand, but the packaging is brightly colored with pictures of the fruit in the background. The candy is a smooth gummy disk. They also have mango, green tea, rasberry and other flavors.
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Haribo gummy grapefruit is probably my favorite gummy candy - it's got that tart, not-too-sweet quality and flavor that isn't just sugar. (I like all of the Haribo gummy fruit but the grapefruit is the best.)
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shesaysgo is likely talking about these
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I came here to say Haribo grapefruit, too. I can take or leave most gummy candy, and I will happily eat a bottle of gummy vitamins in one sitting, but Haribo grapefruit is the stuff of legend.

I also like the Kasugai gummies (the brand shesaysgo is thinking of, I'm sure - I've seen them in nearly every Asian market). Lychee is my favorite, though all the ones I've tried are quite good and generally taste like actual fruit.
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I think gummy lifesavers are a lot like gummy vitamins—the texture is a little denser and they're more fruity than sweet, IMO.
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I see haribo gummy candies all over drugstores in the US, despite it being a German candy. I think they could serve as an ample substitute.

(double cherry is the best!)
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You might want to check out ones at a place like Whole Foods - they will have "natural" candies that aren't as sweet as traditional gummy bears.
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My wife would like to weigh in here to say "SEE ! I'm not the only one !", and I would like to thank you for the stocking-stuffer idea.
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Response by poster: I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one, and I look forward to trying the candies mentioned! In the not-quite-candy category, last night I discovered that Trader Joe's dried green mango has a similar tart/sweet taste.
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