This donut tastes kinda crappy.
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Is there a name for this style of pastry? It's...quite odd.

This unfortunately shaped / frosted donut was in the box with the normal donuts. We had a field day with it at the office due to it's resemblance to... uh... poopybutt. Does this unholy concoction actually have a name? Or did we encounter a baker with a twisted sense of humor?
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It's called a butterfly but the chocolate icing is not typical.
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As a donut lover I'm kind of ashamed I didn't know this. But thanks for the info. A google search confirms that the chocolate is definitely not standard, so I'm relieved to know we weren't crazy in thinking it was weird.

And the fact that the proper name for this pastry starts with "Butt" is just icing on the donut cake.
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