Bulk clothing donation in NYC
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Where in NYC can I donate about eight garbage bags full of women's clothing in the next few days? It must be a place that will accept the whole donation as-is, rather than piecemeal.

Long story short, I hosted a clothing swap, my friend volunteered to drop the left-over clothes off, and then it turned out that my chosen donation place (Out Of The Closet) doesn't accept bulk donations. So now my friend has a car completely full of old clothes, and I need to find her a plan B!

Please let me know where she can take these clothes and drop them off with minimal time and effort on her part. She's in Astoria but can go wherever.
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housing works.....but if she wants to deduct them on her taxes they have to be tallied.
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All branches of Housingworks shops take whatever you have, no questions asked (they sort it and figure out what to sell, what to donate, etc).
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I regularly drop off garbage bags full of assorted clothing at the Bowery Mission homeless shelter.

I don't sort anything other than making sure that there's both shoes / gloves of a pair, and that there's no garbagey stuff (it's stuff that has accumulated in the bar's lost and found, both mens and womens clothing)

I like dropping it there because the clothing goes directly to those who need it and not through any type of middle man situation, and it's easy to donate since you can pull up in front and walk in the big red front door with your bags and just drop them right there at the front desk (or they will have someone help you get the bags from the car if there's a lot of them).
I think they accept donations 24/7.
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There are goodwills all over and they generally have large bins and or large bins and helpful staff combined. Housing works is good too if there are any nearby. I have donated a lot of stuff (sorted, good quality, not needed) to both without bothering with tax write off etc because who cares. I sort everything before and trash what should be garbage because why waste other people's time?
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you can just dump it all in a goodwill bin if you don't care about getting a tax receipt
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Response by poster: Thanks guys! I sent her these options (Housing Works, Goodwill, Bowery Mission) and she said there's a Goodwill right near her apartment. Problem solved! Yay!
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