Antique Textile Appraisal
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I was recently handed-down a late 19th Century or early 20th century Kashmiri shawl

in the Zari style, similar to this. It is approximately, 6' X '6', made of brilliantly dyed red cashmere with heavy gold and silver hand embroidery along the edges in a intricate paisley pattern. The embroidery is denser and finer than the one in the link. It is really a stunning, museum-quality piece. I've looked at items all over the Internet, as well as consulted a few friends with ties to that area and a knowledge of textiles and have been unable to find information about textiles of this quality. The shawl was a wedding gift to my mother from my paternal grandmother who had received it as a gift from her mother-in-law (~1920). The items I saw that looked similar in style and construct do not compare in quality to the detail and glory of this piece. I would like to get it appraised, not to sell it, but because it looks my family line will die out with my generation and there aren't any relatives I want to leave it to, so I'd love to donate it a museum. But how I do find a museum that might want it? Do I just start contacting the Asian Art departments at the Met and others? I have no idea what the protocol is and don't want to annoy anyone. Can someone in the know or someone who has dealt with something similar give some advice and guidance?
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(Your link is missing.)
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Response by poster: Apologies, I messed up the add more, here is the link: Zari shawl.
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