Coworking space(s) in St. Louis that allow drop-ins
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St. Louis MeFites: does anyone know of a coworking space which allows drop-in clients? Grumpybearbride and I will be there for 2 days and are looking for somewhere other than the hotel to get work done and don't want to become members since we don't live there.
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I can't imagine that the co-working spaces wouldn't sell you a day membership. What part of town are you staying in? Both Nebula (Cherokee and Jefferson in the city) and TechArtista (in the Central West End) are super friendly places.
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The only coworking space I can see that explicitly mentions drop-ins is Nebula, which is on the corner of Cherokee and Jefferson in the city. Every other place seems to require memberships.

If you work there, you'd have some close dining options. You can get some good ramen across the street at VISTA, or chicken from Byrd & Barrel, or get beer to go at the recently expanded If you go east on Cherokee, you'll run into a lot of antique shops, as well as some great bakeries and coffeehouses. If you go west on Cherokee, you'll run into art spaces, hipster bars, and a few Mexican restaurants. I think you'll be alright at Nebula.
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Just called Nebula, and you were both right! Non-member drop-ins are welcome for $15/day. Thanks!
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