My cat has a tic. What could be going on?
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Please take as a given we already have an appointment with our home vet first thing tomorrow. Our (otherwise very healthy) cat has had a small but noticable tic for the last 30 hours. She doesn't have the tic all the time, but when she does both front and rear paws lightly tic. When she has the tic, she still does her normal cat things - lies on her back, eats food and drinks water, etc., runs around the house. What could be going on?

Cat is four years old, tic looks like paws jerking very slightly (it would take a while to observe her doing it if you were sitting next to her) moving about 1/2". This week she had some dry kibble (Evo) that she normally doesn't get, otherwise her diet is normal for her.
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in most cases this is something reasonably benign! since it sounds very mild, it could be a vitamin deficiency (magnesium or thiamine)? they will probably do a bunch of blood tests and rule out kidney issues. just to check: no recent flea treatment, and she probably didn't eat anything she shouldn't have?
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Sorry, I don't have any ideas, but wanted to suggest that you try to catch it on video if you haven't, so you can show your vet what's going on.
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Generalized muscle spasms are a symptom of hyperthyroidism, and there is an epidemic of hyperthyroid among cats, apparently caused by commonly used PBB fire retardants.

If you've recently gotten new upholstered furniture, or carpet, I'd consider this more likely.
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Seconding a video of it to show them. Also, when describing it, you might want to use the words "tremor" or "small spasms" or something, instead of "tic".

Verbally, the word "tic" could be interpreted as "tick". That's how I read your post, thinking you were misspelling "tick", and it actually worked initially (cat has a tick and is acting weird). Avoid the confusion entirely :)
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