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What is the chunky beige residue that appears sparingly across the length of my bathtub?

I reside on the 4th floor of a 100 year old apartment complex. I took a shower 12 hours ago, and have just noticed chunky beige residue across the length of my bathtub.Pic 1 Pic 2

It's texture appears similar to chewed gum, in half cm sized pellets. The water surrounding it is clear, and relatively plentiful, although it's not unusual for my tub to retain pools of water well after use.

I see no indication of this same residue in any sink.

Any idea what it is? I want to know how vigorously to clean.
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I think it's soap scum (soap + whatever it washed off your skin and hair).
Kinda sticky, but not that disgusting as dirt goes.
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Maybe bits of old caulk? Or more likely, overspray from some kind of paint applied in the bathroom. I also have a really old tub that had gunk on it. I cleaned it by carefully scraping those bits off with razor blade scraper, after soaking with the vinegar and dish soap concoction from this Bob Villa article. (I also had soap scum to remove. It seemed to help loosen the old grout and tar stuff that was stuck to my tub.)
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You've showered in this apartment before and not noticed it? So it's something new? Unlikely to be grout or paint then..
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