How to get rid of crud in my jaccuzi tub?
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Our new home came with a wonderful bath tub jacuzzi but with a nasty problem. When we fill the tub up with water and turn on the air jets all this nasty gunk and junk comes out of the tubes and makes the water disgusting. Is there a way to clean this out or to flush the pipes? I've tried running the jets and cleaning them out around 15 times and this crud still comes out.
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Use dishwasher powder, it will break down organic compounds.
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Best answer: There's a commercial product expressly for this: Whirlout. I've had luck cleaning the jets of my water pik with denture tabs; it's effective but I don't know if it would scale up to handle a jacuzzi.
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Seconding the dishwasher detergent. The kind that's meant for an actual dishwasher. It doesn't bubble so it won't foam up and overflow.
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On "How Clean is Your House," they suggested using effervescent denture tablets to bring up the gunk.
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When I bought my house, which includes a whirlpool bath, I was told to fill it up with hot water, dump in about half a box of Cascade, and throw in some bleach for disinfecting. Worked like a charm. Semi-solid clumps came out, along with some silverfish, and I ran it one more time before declaring the jets clean.
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I use a combination of baking soda and white vinegar to clean our drains, but this probably wouldn't be practical for your situation.
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