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The shuttering of Crashplan's consumer business has left me looking for other backup services. I think I've settled on Backblaze for my Mac/Windows needs, but they don't support Linux. What is a good cloud-based backup service that supports Linux?

Basically, I'm looking for something that replicates Crashplan as closely as possible: easy, automated backups that I don't have to think about after I've set up the software. Unlimited data. Not crazily expensive (Backblaze's $50/yr/computer is reasonable, even though it was more than what I was paying on Crashplan).

I'll set up something with rsync if you tell me I have to, but I'd really rather not.
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I've been a SpiderOak customer for years; very good Linux support (GUI and a command-line client if you want to run backups on a headless server, for example) and one of the few options that offers no knowledge encryption: they never ever see your decrypted data or key (unless you choose to provide it). They're good people and are doing good work.
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For backblaze you can use duplicity on linux for support:
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I use SpiderOak under Linux as well. The major downside is that the software has been buggy (interface glitches mangling directory views and synchronization issues disappearing files (though they're always still available to restore)) and technical support has been frustrating: slow to respond and sometimes unable to help. It's still the best I've found for my particular needs and wants.

In my most recent scan of online backup options, the only other option I found with full Linux support (not just some scripts or SFTP access or something) was Tresorit, and it is fairly expensive.

Outside of SpiderOak, I think your best cheap option (though not necessarily the best) would be BackBlaze B2 like nickggully says -- there are lots of programs that you can use to backup to it.

Unlimited data under Linux is probably a non-starter. Backblaze employees have commented on Hackernews that they explicitly don't want Linux users on their unlimited backup product because Linux users tend to have tons of data (file servers, media collections, etc.), so they intentionally push Linux users to the per-GB (but very cheap per-GB) B2 service.
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Another vote for SpiderOak and Linux.
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There's tarsnap
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Seconding tarsnap.
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