Looking for a wedding/engagement photograper in NYC
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I'm getting married! We're looking for a photographer to do our wedding and some engagement photos. The last time someone asked, three studios were listed. One is still open, but the other two are no longer around.

We are looking for a documentary/authentic/candid etc. type photographer. We are expecting to pay a few thousand for this, but nothing too extravagant (there will be the standard Manhattan markup, I understand).

The studio that was given as an answer last time and is still open is Danny Weiss Photo.
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Bill Fredericks of Heathwood Photography. He took excellent photos of my wedding a decade ago, and recently did the same (albeit at a more modest scale) for my 40th birthday party.
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Henry Chan took photos for my wedding and for a friend's. Both turned out great and he's a great dude (as far as I could tell, anyway). He was very affordable for Manhattan 8 years ago, not sure what his prices look like now.
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Angie Gaul from Milestone Images is an incredible human being and a fantastic photographer. Cannot recommend her or her work more highly; easily one of the best decisions we made about the whole wedding.
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Get thee to Instagram. A lot of awesome photographers, especially for more candid/lifestyle weddings, are online there. Try #nyphotographers, #nyweddingphotographers, #brooklynbride, or whatever until you find someone who shoots what you like.
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I watched Kent Meister shoot a wedding I attended a few weeks ago, and he was like an unusually agile ghost, getting shots from everywhere at once and yet not in anyone's way. It was impressive. (I also sat for portrait session with him last year, and of the several dozen photographers I've worked closely with, he was by a country mile 1) the easiest to be with and 2) the most artistically interesting.)
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Emilia Jane did amaaaaazing work for us--very editorial, artistic, technically spot-on... and she's super duper nice and friendly. Highly recommend her.
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Spencer Lum, Spencer Lum, Spencer Lum!

I didn't even *look* at other photographers' work. Spencer or bust!

Memail me if you'd like to see examples from our wedding!
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Konrad Brattke did our wedding, and our officiant liked the pics so much, he hired him for his own. He's really nice and easy to work with, plus the pics are great.
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Oh ha, I am in the slideshow and so is my officiant.
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We used Casey Fatchett when mrs. slkinsey & I tied the knot, and were very happy with our choice. Our wedding was a big cocktail party that paused briefly for a ceremony with a leader from the New York Society for Ethical Culture. All the shots were candids, by which I mean that none of them were in prearranged tableaux but also that none of them was a "pose for a picture?" shot either. They turned out great and he was so unobtrusive I don't think we even noticed he was working. Great prices. Highly recommended. memail if you have questions.
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We used Caroline Petters. Photos were great and she was fun to work with.

P.S. - Caroline was just quoted in this NY Times article "Where to Shoot Wedding Photos"
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