Because we aren't brave enough to be outdoor winter runners
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Suggestions for an treadmill for indoor running? Sweaty snowflakes inside.

Shepherd and I are both runners; between us, we average about 40k or more a week. But here in Canada, there are absolutely months where outdoor running ain't happening for us. (Winter runners, we salute you!) Our city is quite crap with ploughing and salting non-essential residential sidewalks, so that's one of the reasons we aren't going to try. We do not want a gym membership as we prefer to work out at home. (We have a lot of other kit: weights, a rowing machine, etc.) But we don't want to lose our running momentum when it gets snowy!

So, here are our specifications for an indoor treadmill:

* obviously must be able to withstand some serious use. (We probably won't be racking up as high as km on it when it gets cold, but still)

*great warranty and customer service for anything that might go awry

*it would be nice if we could fold it up or disassemble it when the weather gets warm and store it for the summer

* preferably affordable (or at least worth the price)


We know treadmill running isn't as good as doing it outdoors (less boring, for one thing) but needs must as the devil drives. Runners of AskMe, help us out!
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In case you haven't seen: The Best Treadmill
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We've had the Sole F63 treadmill recommended in this AskMe for nearly a year, and have been running on it regularly. I hate cheap-feeling flimsy treadmills but the Sole is nice and sturdy. It does fold, but we've never folded it so I can't say how easy that is.
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I really like LifeFitness professional-series models, which appear to be available in Canada. Somewhat pricey but really worth it as they are heavy-duty, solid and last forever.
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It isn't clear if you have run on treadmills before.

I strongly suggest you try out a treadmill at a gym before you decide to buy one. Treadmills are a very different running experience.

I do some cold weather running inside when it is -10C or worse but I don't enjoy it at all.


There is no breeze. You sweat and it goes nowhere.

Treadmills are really loud. Like you need noise cancelling headphones loud.

It gets really monotonous (and I say this as someone who runs the same damn running route almost daily). You see the timer. You see your speed. It becomes like clockwatching at a job you hate. When I run outside I 'go away' but on a treadmill I am present every eternally long second.

Unless you buy two you can't run with your partner (you could at a gym).

I find the dry indoor air is worse than the outdoor cold air for my asthma.

The pluses:
One upside is that you can watch netflix on a tablet while running on a treadmill once you have good headphones. Make sure they are wireless so you don't yank the tablet/phone onto the floor by mistake.

I find it is easier on my legs. You're really just bouncing up and down rather than propelling.
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I have a Landice L7. It is built like a tank (and cost as much as one as well). With that said it has a lifetime warranty for parts...all I pay for is the labor for a service call. Ours is 13 years old and it has had a few parts replaced but it is still going strong.
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The company that makes my treadmill went out of business. However, I would like to recommend a fan. Srboisvert is absolutely right about the lack of wind. I would never spend more than $20 on a fan, but this fan (B-Air FIRTANA-20X 20" Multi Purpose High Velocity Floor Fan) has been a godsend for treadmill running. This is the kind of fan you would need if you were painting a basement room with no ventilation. I would say it's absolutely necessary to making the treadmill bearable. Don't settle on a box fan.

Also, seconding the wirecutter's recommendations: they've always steered me toward great products.
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