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Who are some individuals who are top-notch artist-researchers and researcher-artists today? And how did they develop their expertise?

I’m looking for examples of people who are recognized both as top researchers in their field and as top artists in their practice. Because of the nature of art/research these days, these researchers are often in computer science (in graphics, machine learning, visualization, or game design), math, and new media art, but any field is welcome. For example, these individuals might be professors publishing papers in top conferences in their fields as well as artists who exhibit or perform widely.

Some examples include Ken Goldberg (robotics), Erik Demaine (origami), folks at eleVR (VR), folks at Nervous System (fabrication), and perhaps some people at the Studio for Creative Inquiry, the MIT Media Lab, and the MIT Center for Art, Science, and Technology.

I’m less interested in people in the following categories: people who are primarily researchers who incidentally make art, people who are primarily artists who incidentally do research, and studios/collectives/groups/labs/organizations of people who are primarily one or the other, working together. (They’re great, just not what I’m looking for!)

Historical artist-researchers do count, e.g. da Vinci and other artists who studied perspective, color theory, anatomy, and cameras, but I'm more interested in people working today. I'm also more interested in artist-researchers (people pushing the boundaries of human knowledge) than artist-engineers (people building systems), though they may overlap.

I'm especially interested to hear about people who are members of underrepresented minority groups, e.g. women, people of color, queer folks, and differently abled folks.

Again, I’m looking for examples of specific people (not collectives or organizations) who are very strong in both art and research. I’m also very curious about how they developed the diverse and deep expertise to get where they are, how long it took them to find their niches, the feedback loop between their art and research, what their day-to-day lives look like, and how they move between the different communities they might be a part of. So if anyone has links to interviews or biographies, I would appreciate those.

(Even this AskMe question doesn't neatly fit in a category....)
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Lev Manovich
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Also interested in hearing about folks who are emerging researtists and not already well-known.
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Nina Elder
Alison Pebworth
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Eduardo Kac
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Leo Vroman. I posted this FPP about him when he died. You can clearly see his scientific work influence his writing and drawing, pretty much all the time.
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Joanna Zylinska, David Saltz
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Natalie Jeremijenko seems like a good example.
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Places to look for more researchrtists: The Bridges Archives, The Exploratorium.
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The Harrison Studio is pretty neat. They once published a peer-reviewed article on reproductive behaviors in a crab species they used in an art project.
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You probably are already familiar with at least some of these people, but Golan Levin, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Casey Reas, Addie Wagenknecht, Steve Kurtz, Brandon Ballangée, and Stelarc might fit your bill.
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The Institute of Figuring, founded by Margaret and Christine Wertheim.
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Chris Landreth
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I would deep dive into the program at Transmediale-- it seems like every talk I went to would answer this question (e.g. Constant Dullaart, which somehow IS NOT A PEN NAME).

Also, artist James Bridle's latest work on self-driving cars is pretty smart and interesting, I think.

There is also a whole field of "performance-based-research" on thinking of theater rehearsal as a lab space for knowledge production but no tech involved so maybe not your scene. Check out Erin Manning's work though nonetheless.
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Susan Schuppli also comes to mind.
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Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viégas at Google Brain
Christina Agapakis at Gingko Bioworks
You might dig into a place like Autodesk Research
David Glowacki
Robert Lang (origami) you probably already know
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