Trimming the bits
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Ladies: what is your favourite electric trimmer for your private parts?

I like to keep things trimmed quite short down there. Not shaved, but trimmed short. For the past few years I've been using a generic men's trimmer (something like this) and it's been fine but not great. Now I need to replace it.

I'm well aware that many products marketed towards women are needlessly marked up and sometimes even inferior quality. But I'm willing to pay more if a tool does a better job specifically for female body parts. With my old trimmer, I did have trouble with the area near my folds because I was nervous about cutting myself (but trimming with the guard on didn't give me a close enough shave). Do you have a favourite tool for this purpose?
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I use this combo razor/electric trimmer and I like it because it's small and doesn't take up a additional spot in the shower. I do get a bit scared around the sensitive parts but if I go in the right direction, it's not a problem.
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I have had this trimmer for like 6 years and I think maybe I've changed the batteries once and never changed the blade. Works great. Cheap.
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Came to recommend what dawkins_7 said. It doesn't really resolve your desire for close without taking the guard off, though.
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If you don't mind a corded trimmer, this is one that has a very long cord. I've used it without guard and it's pretty safe. here
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I've had mine so long that I can't even find it on Amazon any more. I think this is the updated version. Mine was only a dry trimmer, so I can't attest to the quality of using it with water.
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Yup. I have the wahl peanut for this purpose. Mines pink. I use with a short guard then trim the edges bare without a guard.
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