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Can someone find this obscure Balkan / Eastern European (?) pop-rock album? All I have to go on is the single track title I remember "Bread and Salt in Your Own Home". The title and song names were in English (translation?) but the lyrics were in .
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Do you remember if this was sung by a woman or a man? What instruments can you remember?
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Best answer: I think you're thinking of the album "Soup of the Century" by 3 Mustaphas 3 -- who were not actually Eastern European, but a bunch of really talented British "world music" guys who performed as a fictional Balkan family band. The first song on that album, "Bukë E Kripë Në Vatër Tonë / Kalaxhojnë" was translated as "Bread and Salt by Your Own Hearth."
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Response by poster: Neroli is right! Thank you so much. Great memories are coming back to life as I type...
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