Waterloo, ehm, Battle...TO??? Battle to London...
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does anyone know how I get to the QE11 centre on time for a 9am start? Living near Battle East Sussex and all the train times are currently showing Victoria as my only direct option. I know there have been problems with Waterloo engineering running over...but HALP?
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The QEII centre seems to be exactly half way between Victoria and Waterloo, so why would Waterloo be the preferred station to get into?
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Get yourself to Bexhill and hop on the train to Victoria. It's about a fifteen minute walk from there or you can get either a bus along Victoria Street or the District or Circle line to St James Park tube which is a couple of minutes from the QE2 centre.

Looks like you'll need to get a train around 0620 from Bexhill.
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Victoria station is about a 15 minute, straight-shot walk from the QEII centre. There have been major works at Waterloo station this summer so probably better to avoid it. You can also take a bus from Victoria to the QEII if you're carrying luggage, etc., and that should only take you a couple ot minutes.
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I should add I walk from Victoria to Westminster every day on my way to work. It's a simple trip.
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And yeah, the QEII centre's straight across Parliament Square from Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament. It's the one that looks like a featureless box amongst lots of more ornate things. You won't have any problems spotting it, and it's got good signage.
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Thanks all, I have no idea why I thought Victoria was so much farther than Waterloo...
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