Help me find more music that sounds like this 90s lofi indie rock song.
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Can you point me to songs that sound like "Anytime You Want" by Eric's Trip? This is a short, fast, fuzzed out punk song with contrasting vocals on a poppy hook, a prominent low end, a few drum fills, and pretty crappy production. That's what I like about it! It also lacks a guitar solo, but I could go either way on that.

Eric's Trip has maybe two more songs like this on their "Love Tara" album, and another example could be "My Head" by the related band, Elevator to Hell.

There's a lot of almost-but-not-quite: people compare them to Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr, but I actually don't love either band, and most of their songs are not in this vein. The Burger and Lauren Records kids seems to have been raised more on Jay Reatard than Rick White. Guided by Voices has a few songs this arena.

Anyway, I'm looking for songs that sound like this song, from any decade, though it's a decidedly 90s sound.
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Maybe it's just the lo-fi aspect, but Motorbike, by Flat Worms, came to mind.
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Can't link right now, but have you checked out The Olivia Tremor Control?
Have a listen to the songs Fireplace, Holiday Surprise 1-2-3, Jumping Fences...
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Built to Spill - Joyride
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Before I clicked through to the details of your question, I thought of Dinosaur Jr., in particular Freak Scene.
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The Front Bottoms make some songs that sound like this.
Yuck's Get Away sounds a little like it.
Japandroids Wet Hair
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This probably isn't what you're looking for – but as far as the enjoyably crappy production goes, it reminds me of Doleful Lions. (They're not punk, though – more folky paisley-pop.)
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It reminded me a bit of Bug-Nug by the band Pep Squad. I always liked their music.

It takes about 30 seconds to get started as an actual song.
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You're familiar with the Ramones, right?
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she's not there, I am!

I love the Ramones. And they certainly have some of the elements I'm looking for, except in the songwriting itself. I can't think of any song of theirs that sounds like the Eric's Trip song I linked.
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Um... Lemonheads, Soul Assylum, Dinosaur Jr., early REM...
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Seconding Dinosaur Jr., in particular songs like The Lung.

Also Sebadoh (Lou Barlow from Dinosaur Jr.'s band), for instance Got It.
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Also there's definitely a bit of the 90's Chapel Hill sound here... Superchunk in general might be worth checking out, and also Archers of Loaf, Polvo, and Erectus Monotone.
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Pretty much anything from The Gerbils' Are You Sleepy album.

They don't quite have the same mid-90s fuzz sound, but Nana Grizol's first album Love It Love It has the same feel for me: Circles 'Round the Moon
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Taxi by The Author
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I was also going to mention MBV's Sueisfine. And your song recalls for me Flaming Lips' "Staring at the Sound."
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Mr. Mitten recommends Love of Diagrams, a present-day Australian band that he thinks sound a lot like Eric's Trip.
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My god people!

The Inbreds!
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Early Thrush Hermit and the whole 90's Murderrecords scene including the abovementioned Sloan (and on preview, the Inbreds)

The Wrens "Meadowland"

And I used Anytime You Want as a Spotify Radio seed and it suggested the Lilys which is really similar sonically
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late to the party, and you mentioned them in your post, but this is one of my all time favorites of this type: Motor Away, Guided by Voices
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