Looking for a private, multi-user wiki
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I'm looking to create a wiki to be editable by a group of people and only accessible to that group. I have some specific requirements for it though and thus far I haven't found much that meets that criteria.

It has to be be private and not accessible by anyone who doesn't have permission to view it and the members of the project have to be able to edit it.

It also needs to have a simplistic editor for text. The other people in the project are not technical people and need a simple or a WYSIWYG editor.

It needs to be able to support image files. We don't need audio or video but pictures are a must.

It needs to be low cost, ideally free.

There needs to be a way to download/backup the entire wiki. Even as a .txt or .pdf.

If it's something I'll need to host myself, it needs to be hostable on a raspberry pi.
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MediaWiki can be set up to satisfy all of these requirements except maybe the download/backup one, but it has a lot of export options so I suspect that can be addressed too.
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I've looked at MediaWiki and the process for setting that up on a host machine is...tricky. I can do it, but if there are any other easier options I'd rather go that road first.
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I think you're gonna have a hard time with "needs to be private", "not hosted by me", AND "free". I second the suggestion for MediaWiki, though rather than hosting it on a pi, you could put it on a cheap (like $2-5 a month) VPS or something.
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Tiddly wiki is always worth a look. It's a little odd but it all fits in one file and you can share it on a Dropbox or ftp or email or google drive or whatever. Definitely low barrier to entry compared to a full mediawiki system, ymmv. As private as any file you send or receive on the internet, you could even encrypt the whole thing for added privacy.

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DokuWiki works great for this. Much easier to get going with, for both users and admin, than MediaWiki.
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A group I'm in is using PBWorks for this exact purpose. It satisfies all your requirements, except being free. We are currently getting a free account because the university buys the product already, but it does look like there is some limited free use and a smallish fee for upgrades.
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Came in to recommend DokuWiki, see that teatime beat me to it. Very straightlforward to set up, wiki pages are text files (and thus easy to back up).
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Dokuwiki is basically markdown if you're familiar with that, but I don't know that it's that great for technical people. You still need to learn syntax to specify formatting, links, etc. We used it as a family wiki and then migrated to Google Docs instead. Are you sure you can't do this with a shared folder in Google Drive? The editor is very easy, privacy is very easy, the only thing that isn't as easy is making links within the wiki.
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