Creating something new with silk flowers
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Looking to cheer up a friend who is going through a rough patch. Can I do something with cheerful and fun with these silk flowers?

My friend has been going through a difficult time, health-wise. I've thought about sending her something to cheer her. Food is not the right gift at this time, and I don't want to give a live plant that she will have to put effort into caring for.

I recently came across some nice silk flowers gathered into a bouquet from her wedding. I was wondering if it was possible to remake the bouquet into something new that she might enjoy. I'm pretty good at doing the manual part of crafting but I don't really have an overall vision or idea. I'd like to make something that could ship easily and doesn't look like it belongs in a graveyard. I'm open to making it myself or having someone more skilled (maybe on Etsy) do it, but I need some ideas about what to do. Any thoughts?
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My first thought is, "Are you sure it's ok to take apart her wedding bouquet?" But assuming that it is ok, then maybe a wreath of flowers to wear in her hair?
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Maybe you could use them to frame an inspirational quote or a meaningful photo.
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Yes! Use the flowers to decorate a small piñata. A chocolate candy and airplane-sized liquor bottles filled piñata. Getting one of those when I needed cheering up was beyond awesome.
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There are some fun ideas here, including a flower chandelier. Some of these ideas might work too, including the faux pressed flowers and the wreath at the end.

I've been wanting to make this dandelion paperweight since I first saw it - I think it should work with silk flowers, but I'd get tiny flowers and make much smaller objects and use them for jewelry or magnets.

If you can't find an idea you like for the silk flowers, cut flowers are the one thing that I rarely get and always love getting.
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Make silk flower string lights
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What about using them as a decoration on a wreath? I love coming home to a pretty wreath on my front doors.
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