Help me identify this older Christian song.
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I have this bit of music in my head that I cannot positively identify or find online. The time I would have heard it would have been early or mid 80s, probably '83 or '84. I think it was sort of spoken word, set to music. It was (mostly?) about the crucifixion of Jesus.

I remember the piece starting out quiet and calm, a male voice telling a story in the sort of half-melodic spoken word style that Keith Green sometimes used, then it gradually builds in volume and intensity, and then there is a pause for a few beats, and then it changes feel completely, to a female voice singing slowly and softly.

What I can remember:
•As the song builds, near the climax, I remember octave jumps (or close to it) up and down. low, high! low, high! low, high!
•I believe the words at the climax of the piece are "and they nailed him to a tree!" or something close.
•There might have been a cymbal crash or thunder at that moment.
•After the climax, a female voice (or perhaps a male singing falsetto?) sings, and I believe "one voice" or "this voice" are part of the words.

It is not Larry Norman's "The Outlaw" or Randy Travis' "Drive Another Nail".
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I'd bet some money that it's Carman's "Amen". Lyrics, video.
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Although I'm not sure that the date is right. But he's the only one I can think from that does that kind of song narration from the 80's and 90's. I thought initially you might be talking about "The Champion," which is 1985.
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Could it have been a version of Were You There?
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"Behold The Wood of The Cross"?
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Thanks for the replies. It is not Carman's "Amen", "The Champion", "Were You There?" or "Behold The Wood of The Cross". I swear this isn't music Shazaam. ;) The climax part with the octave jumps was definitely piano driven, and there may have been horns too?
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"They Could Not"?
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I like it, but it is not "They Could Not." Bah. :(
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Oh my gosh, I found it! ("Finally, they nailed that song to a tree!" at 4:30)
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