Can you ID these two flowering plants?
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I would love to plant these in my yard, but I need to know what they are first. Can you identify these 2 plants growing in a front yard in upstate NY?
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The ones on the left are anemones. I'm not sure, but I think the ones on the right might be calendulas.
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Agree with the anemone ID. You can get them with mid pink, white or deeper pink flowers (you can also get doubles, i.e, varieties with twice as many petals). Very pretty.

No idea what the yellow flowers are, sorry...
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I know the yellow ones aren't calendula- they kinda look like some form of aster to me.
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Anenome and coreopsis I think. (I love anenomes; they're so elegant and springtime-pretty even in the fall...)
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Yup, likely a coreopsis on the right, sometimes cosmos can look rather similar too.

I go with 'cosmeopsis' and call it a day. Easy to split and propagate, also does well from seed. So if you want more don't buy them.
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The yellow one looks to be a heliopsis.
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The yellow ones look like Ox-eye to me, i.e. Heliopsis helianthoides
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The one on the right is tick-seed coreopsis (I just bought some this summer myself!)
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A good way to sort through all of these yellow-flower possibilities is to look at the leaves and not just the flowers.
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Left is definitely anemone, perhaps 'Honorine Jobert'. The yellow flowered plant looks like a Helianthus to me as well.
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Coreopsis, not calendula. Curse my middle-aged brain. You'd think I'd know when I have them in my own garden. So yes, I agree: anemone and coreopsis.
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Heliopsis. Coreopsis has thin leaves and fringed petal edges. Heliopsis sometimes has fringed petals, but your example does not. And those are not the leaves of Coreopsis.

Anemone japonica can be a pain due to underground runners if planted among other perennials or tree roots. Otherwise extremely reliable for blooms.
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