What should I do in New York City next month: evenings only
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I will be in New York (staying in Midtown) for a couple weeks for work next month. What's the best stuff to do & see if I can't get out until the early evening?

I haven't been there in almost 20 years, so I'm interested in some real tourist stuff - museums, architecture, historic sights, local foods…

Has anyone taken a walking-tour audiobook/podcast/app that they really liked?

Or tell me about any weird only-in-New-York experiences that would be fun to check out.

The main constraint is that I will be busy every day until at least 6pm, so it has to be something I can check out in the evening without a ton of travel time from Midtown. I don't mind taking the subway but I'd rather not waste a lot of time on long trips.
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La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela's Dream House.
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Watch sunset from the Battery (or take the Staten Island Ferry)
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A walk along the High Line and then getting some food at Chelsea Market would be a good way to spend an evening.
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Oh, and the Morgan Library is free admission on Friday evenings. It's really magnificent, particularly the study.
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The wonderful Tenement Museum hosts a Thursday evening tour and meal, focused on the food traditions of immigrants.
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The Whitney is not far from midtown and has evening programs in September.
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MoMa has free entry on Friday nights. There are lots of evening events at BAM, MoMa PS1, and the Brooklyn Museum. I'd also recommend going to Film Forum or the Angelika to see a flick if you're so inclined.
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Where in Midtown will you be? its big enough that some suggestions right in Midtown may still be far enough away for you to need to take the train.
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As some people have mentioned, there are quite a few evening museum hours, often free or discounted, around NYC. In some places they're quite social — with music, drinks, etc. — and can be a bit crowded, but are a fun event and a nice way to spend an evening, especially in late summer. Here's a good list: https://www.timeout.com/newyork/museums/free-museum-days-in-nyc

I love walking around neighborhoods in the evenings. I often walk without purpose, but I also have an out of date copy of the Dorling Kindersley guide to New York (here's the more recent one) which has (among many other things) some nice guided walking tours of different neighborhoods. Neighborhoods I particularly like for this and that aren't too far from Midtown include Flatiron, West Village (a little further, but easily reached by subway), and Harlem. But really almost any neighborhood has interesting architecture, history, people-watching, and shops.

I have to go now, but will try to come back later with some more specific only-in-NYC suggestions that would be good for evenings.
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Go see an improv show at the PIT, Magnet, or UCB.

The Rubin museum has free evening hours on Fridays - check their website.

The food is always changing. I'd honestly pull up yelp and input your cross streets and a type of food and see what comes up. But I'm sure you'll get some good suggestions here.
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Oh, and since you're in Midtown, definitely eat some Korean food (there's a ton). Hangawi is delicious and vegetarian (irrelevant if you love meat because the food is that good). And there are lots of buffet-type places where you can get delicious Korean food for very fast and very cheap, if you're looking for something more on-the-go. I also recommend Xi'an Famous Foods (Chinese) for some really delicious noodles (there's a location on 45th Street). Otherwise, I would spend as little time in Midtown as possible, as it is a terrible place. :)
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Seconding the Morgan and the Tenement Museum evening hours. Oh, and the K-town suggestion. Get some nice tofu stew.

The Brooklyn Bridge walk is very nice at sunset but it keeps getting more and more crowded.
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It's not cheap, but Sleep No More is absolutely worth doing.
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These are really great, thanks! Looking forward to the Tenement Museum, anything that's history *and* food is right up my alley.

showbiz_liz - I'll be near Grand Central Station, if that helps.
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Set up a Mefi meetup!
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