What's the easiest way to protect a decoupaged wall?
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I'd like to decoupage a wall with some old book pages, but I don't want to destroy my drywall. Ideally, I'd like to find something simple to install as an underlayer that will allow me to take the whole thing off relatively easily. Is there anything (inexpensive) that people use to do this? I've googled, but I didn't find a lot related to this specific issue. Thanks!
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Wallpaper is designed to come off with just steam. You can usually find cheap stuff at thrift stores or on clearance at the home improvement stores.
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What about some vinyl wallpaper- the kind that's meant for apartment dwellers and just peels right off? A layer of that and then scuff it with some fine grit sandpaper then decoupage.
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I've wallpapered the back of a couple of built-in bookcases with old dictionary pages soaked in liquid starch. I know from experience that this comes off easily if you use fabric dipped in liquid starch, but I haven't tried to remove my paper pages. Disclaimer, my walls are plaster, not drywall.

Maybe find a hunk of drywall and do a practice run?
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Liquid starch as adhesive would make it easy to pull down. This post has a tutorial.
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If you want the entire piece to come away later, my inclination would be to use a sufficiently large canvas (painting canvas). But you could use a heavy fabric taped/tacked/nailed down. You could also cut white plastic wall panel or whiteboard material to size.
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Contact paper? I stuck contact paper onto my daughters' bedroom wall and it worked great.
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Thanks guys! I'm going to try the liquid starch route and see how it goes.
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I've read that liquid starch attracts silverfish and other bugs (starch is bug food), so that's something to consider.
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If you wanted to save it/make it portable I'd screw floor underlayment to the wall. Underlayment is a cheap, thin, smooth plywood. You'd have four screw holes per 4x4 sheet to patch
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Painting the wall with a gloss finish paint will also make it easier to remove paper later.
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