Photo posting and backup workflow with Slack and Dropbox
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I'm working as a photographer for a show. I have a multi-step process involving photos that requires me to do a ton of repetitive steps involving backing up to two separate Dropbox accounts and then posting links from one of those accounts into a group Slack channel. I'd love to automate this.

Here is what needs to happen:

- save photos to local folder
- photos go to correct folder on personal dropbox
- photos go to correct folder on show dropbox
- slack sees photos and pulls them from dropbox into a specific shared channel
- slack displays photo

It would be ideal if I could set this up on a couple of different folders and have Slack dump them all in the same channel. For example, "Behind the Scenes" and "Guests" folders should both dump into "Studio Photos" channel on Slack.

We've got a little something working with Zapier, but it doesn't do everything I want.

Bonus question: I want to have Dropbox automatically ingest photos I put into a folder on my laptop, and then I want to be able to delete the photos from my laptop and have them stay in Dropbox, with an eye towards maximizing limited HD space on my device. I haven't yet really wrapped my brain around having a local folder that doesn't store photos but that can point to a remote folder I can browse with my photo management software (Adobe Bridge and/or Capture One). I'm sure Dropbox does that somehow, I just haven't dug into it deep enough yet.
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For posting from Dropbox to Slack, take a look at If This Then That - it's a code-free service which lets you set up custom triggers and actions. I think it should be able to do what you want.
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Oh cool, I thought that was only for ios. Thanks.
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