Trying to find an airplane disaster
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I'm looking for a particular plane crash story.

Because search terms for plane crashes and aviation disasters are so similar between incidents, I'm having trouble finding this one. It was featured on some kind of engineering failure program, maybe Engineering Disasters, on something like the History Channel. The story centered around a lot of small mistakes - an air canister or canister of some gas under pressure was not secured properly at the factory, was written down wrong on a checklist, wasn't put into cargo properly, etc., etc., until a series of small mistakes and overlooks created a situation on the plane once the object was on board.

I'm not trying to find the program, but I would like to know what plane incident this was. I believe it was a flight within the domestic United States, but not sure. I saw this program probably 5 years ago or less. Does this ring a bell for anyone, or does anyone have any ideas on how I could search for it?
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Omg it is. Knew I should have asked the hive mind, thank you thank you!!!
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The 'Mayday' episode about BA 5390 isn't domestic, but if you are interested in another step by step example of how many, many small errors led to a catastrophic failure (pilot sucked out a cockpit window, when the window blows out), the show breaks it down quite nicely, and unusually, has a happy ending. Mayday episode on Youtube.
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ya valujet
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In case anyone is looking for a program about it, here's the full Seconds from Disaster episode on YouTube.
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