LOL Lemonade???
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I was at an event honoring a urologist that felt like a roast at times and it was suggested that this urologist encouraged people to drink lemonade to avoid needing to see him. Why?

Apologies if this question is stupid or weird but this was months ago and I'm still curious. If there's something there, it sounds like a potentially interesting piece of trivia and/or excuse to drink more delicious lemonade but if not, I'll put it out of my mind. Thank you for humoring me.
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Well, I just typed "lemonade to avoid" in google and it auto-filled "lemonade to avoid kidney stones," so I clicked that and followed the first link.
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Agreeing with previous answers.

Though, now I can only drink pink lemonade, because I never matured beyond 'bathroom humor' age or Bear Grylls references. Heh.
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As someone who has suffered from kidney stones in the past and who likes lemonade, this is some of the most welcome news I've heard in quite some time.
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Response by poster: Faint of Butt, happy my failure to jfgi is your gain. Thanks, folks!
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