The Locks?
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I'm looking for a piece of neo-classical music called "The Locks" or "The Lock" but can't find it anywhere. Unfortunately I don't remember the composer. Anybody heard of it?
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Best answer: This is a long shot, but could it be "The Loch" or "The Lochs?" If so, here is an Amazon link to a film soundtrack that has a piece called "The Loch," which is fairly recent.

If that's not it, sorry! But I hope that considering alternate spellings of "lock" helps.
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You're looking for "The Lox," a Bronx Jew rap group that came up with such stellar numbers like "Ya-ya-yamulka, get the beat down like the hulk-a, gonna rock ya in the mosh yah, gonna do it like it's kosh-sha" and "i'm gonna do you like clark gable, gonna spread my cream cheese on your bagel, slap you up some salmon, don't you put none o' that ham on."

Alas, Hymie Goldberg was nearly killed in a shootout with Two-Bit (50C's protege at the time) in a nightclub scuffle, having taken offense to being called a "jigger" by one of the entourage. Ugly scene all around, especially when by tragic misfortune, the police commander for the site lockdown turned out to be of mixed Palestine/German heritage.

Anyway, it's been several years now and Hymie is still in a coma. Two-bit's career should have taken off, what with the publicity and all, but it was later revealed that he was actually a she. Ironically, you can catch her in the lead role in the off-off-broadway production of a rap-inspired interpretation of "Fiddler on the Roof." It truly is a thing to behold.

No word of a lie.

Well, maybe a little.
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Have you tried a search at Choose "classical work" from the pull-down menu and "the lock" or whatever; the first pulls up a couple of possibilities, including John Mallia's 1992 piece "Lock, for solo clarinet."
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Response by poster: a film soundtrack, of course! Thanks angeline.

(and very clever five fresh fish, I only wish it was true--'cept for the coma part!)
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FFF made me snort Dr. Pepper out my nose.

Glad I could help, culberjo! I can't believe that sleep-deprived mental leap actually worked out. Huh.
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