Could you help me pick out a bathroom mirror?
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We're renovating our bathroom, and I'm looking for a mirror to put above the sink. I've been having trouble finding something I like. I sort of like the look of this mirror from Restoration Hardware, but I'm not sure about the $650 price tag. Could you help me find something similar but less expensive? Or suggest something else entirely?

At $650, the mirror is more expensive than our tiles, and it seems sort of silly to spend so much money on a mirror, particularly when I'm not totally sure that it's even what I'm looking for. That said, if you think it's a good deal feel free to tell me that - I literally have no idea how much a mirror should cost!

We were originally planning to install a vintage, metal rimmed medicine cabinet that looks somewhat similar to the RH one I linked above, but it turns out that the location of the mirror doesn't allow for a medicine cabinet to be inset. I would look for another vintage one but I need to order something in the next few days. Could you help me find a mirror that could be shipped to my home in the US within the next week and a half?

I'm imagining a thin frame in chrome, antique brass, steel, or black. I'm fine with mixing metals. I'm happy with rectangular or round. The vanity is only 24 inches wide, so it can't be wider than that. (Is there an optimal vanity-to-mirror width ratio?)

I'm going for a sort of modern, minimal, vintage mix. Here are the other things we've already purchased for the bathroom:
--12x24 slate look floor tiles
--4x4 white square tiles, to be set in a running bond pattern in the shower
--this vanity (we got a killer discount)
--this vanity faucet
--this tub
--this tub/shower/faucet set

I can't believe I wrote so much about a mirror - renovations are the worst.

P.S. If you've made it this far and have a shower curtain rod you like, let me know.
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This one is from PB is similar. We have it and I am happy with it. The first one we got didn't close properly, but they replaced it with no issue.

I also have a Restoration hardware cabinet in my other bathroom. It is a painted one- it is about 3 years old and the paint is starting to flake off and I am pretty annoyed about that considering the cost- but it is really nice and deep, which I love.

If you are anywhere near Milwaukee the only RH outlet is here and they often have medicine cabinets there for much cheaper than retail.
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Oops, I see now that you can't have a recessed cabinet. Maybe PB has one that is just a mirror? They do!
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That seems very pricey to me. Here is a round, similar mirror for $85.99 Cad.

I'd also look at places like Homesense and Target - frankly a mirror is a mirror and you won't receive exceptionally better mirrage (mirror-age?) by spending more.
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Here's one that looks like a vintage cabinet, though less industrial than one RH one you like.

Here's an unusual one that is rectangular with rounded corners.
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This one from Rejuvenation is similar to the one you posted, but it is just the mirror. You can pick your finish - chrome, brass or bronze.

Cost Plus has a few metal-rimmed mirrors in different shapes.
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How about this one from IKEA?
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Here is a similar one with a little shelf for $125- could be useful if you can't have an inset medicine cabinet
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Just call up your local glass stores and ask what they can do for you. Show them the Restoration Hardware photo if you'd like. I'm betting you'll be able to pick something up that's customized to fit your bathroom (size, etc.) at significantly less than $650.
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This one from West Elm? ($99)
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Another from Ikea that's awfully close.
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Of course now I'm being stalked on the internet by mirrors. Maybe this one?
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If you need a data point: I think $650 for a bathroom mirror- especially one that's not even a medicine cabinet- is extreeeeeemely expensive!

I'd try to find an interesting vintage mirror- bathrooms tend to be so new, cold, and shiny that having something old, maybe with a wood frame, makes them look more warm and alive. You can probably find a cool vintage mirror around that size for $60- definitely under $100.

For shower curtain rods, consider a curved shower curtain rod. They make the shower feel bigger.
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