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I'm looking for some new blogs to lose myself in, to take my mind off of the train wreck that is U.S. politics these days. My current favorites these days are Unfuck Your Habitat (cleaning and tidying), Budget Bytes (cooking), Lifehacker (family of sites that cover gadgets and life tips), Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools (gadgets and new uses for existing products), Apartment Therapy (small home decor), and this Metafilter family of websites. The brain weasels thank you.
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Colossal: Art, Design, and Visual Culture. One of my favorites.
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I started on My Name is Yeh for this exact reason. Her recipes are great, but the travel and wedding-cake-assemblage posts are also a plus weasel-distraction. And I would know.
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If you really want to fall down a rabbit hole, Jenny Trout recapped the 50 Shades books, chapter by chapter. They are thoughtful, hilarious, and brutal.

Her Big Damn Buffy Rewatch recaps are really good too. I think they might be good even if you never watched Buffy.
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Lonny has some great home design.
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Atlas Obscura - "Curious and Wondrous Travel Destinations" (even if you're not really planning a trip).
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I read Ask a Manager every day. It's a good combo of practical advice and WTF schadenfreude.
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99% Invisible. Cool combination of history and design. They have both written posts and podcasts.
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Not a blog, but if you want some beautiful, soothing, OCD-itch-scratching videos of an Australian guy making things out of metal, you should watch Clickspring. Start here.
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Serious Eats for basically everything related to cooking.

The Kitchn is Apartment Therapy's sister site and I find it very entertaining.

Sweethome and Wirecutter are review sites, but every review has an article about the type of products and relevant markets as well as product suggestions. I read the reviews just for fun because they're informative and entertaining.

Unclutterer is a good website and organization blog.

The not-very-political Lifehacker sister site Jalopnik might also be worth checking out.

Captain Awkward and Dear Prudence are entertaining and reasonable advice columns.

The Simple Dollar is good if preachy website about finances, budgeting and debt.

Last but definitely not least, McMansionHell is a great blog about architecture and real estate. It alternates between essays and overviews of architecture, and analyzing specific houses on the market for architectural failings.
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