Are there any jobs I could work from home on?
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Are there any real, decent, and legit jobs I could work from home on for some extra cash?

I already work from home full time doing interactive development but would love to be able to do some extra work when times are slow. I've heard of people who gather information for law firms or other businesses or do copywriting, etc etc...but can't figure out where to find those sort of things or if they'd even be worth it.

What I'm looking for here is sort of "mindless" work...."busy work", if you will.

Any ideas?
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It seems that depending on the level of tutor you reach, you could make some decent money, with the added benefit of helping someone with homework.
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Ooh - thanks!
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Amazon has their "Mechanical Turk" service that's perfect for a work-at-home type. Bascially you just perform human tasks and you get paid piecemeal for them -- it's essentially busy work that Amazon hasn't figured out how to automate yet. I hear if you work at it, you can make a couple hundred bucks a month, but it's quite likely $10/hr work.
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You may be able to find a place that will allow you to do customer service work from home (answering correspondence, etc.). With so many dot-coms and virtual positions now, you should be able to line up something like that.
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Some ideas here.
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If you're a good writer, try this. I imagine you'd need some kind of portfolio first.

Also, this site has a number of freelance job listings.
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I teach online through DeVry University. There are several other colleges/universities that do the same. They would expect you to have at minimum a bachelor's degree and enough experience in the field you are doing to be an authority on the subject. Or else to have a higher degree.
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