Huffduffer and WFMU Playlists?
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I want to add shows from the WFMU archives to Huffduffer, but I can't seem to get it working. For instance, how do I added this show to Huffduffer?
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i use huffduffer to manage a podcastclub rss feed, and I often run into issues where a podcast doesn't have an easily findable link to an mp3. That often happens in similar cases to this, where they have a pop out player, but no download link.

In those cases, I often use the developer tools of my browser to look closer at the source to see if something there points to an mp3, but in this pages case, I don't see one.

So basically I'm saying that I'd also have issues getting this added to huffduffer.
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It looks like that particular show is hosted at

I found that by opening the developers tools in Chrome on the pop-up window, and then reloading the page. On the network tab, the mp4 was down in the list.
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