atl to nola, potential flood edition
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Should I drive from Atlanta to New Orleans in the morning?

New Orleans is currently experiencing some issues. I was supposed to drive from Atlanta to NOLA tomorrow morning to visit my friend. She lives in Bywater and says her neighborhood and environs aren't affected.

The plan was to drive out tomorrow (leaving Atlanta around 10 or so) and come back Sunday (leaving New Orleans around 10 or so). I have to be at work at 8a on Monday. I would have two other drivers on the way there but have to drive alone back.

Would this travel be an eminently foolish decision?

(I am strongly leaning towards "yes, this is nonsense; stay home" but I have some out-of-town friends who want to go to NOLA and am susceptible to peer pressure.)
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Forgot to add - I would really like to hear from New Orleanians who can help me realistically assess the potential risk to the city!
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No longer in NOLA but spent a year there and have made that drive (ATL to NOLA) about a dozen times. Bywater probably won't flood but you'll have to get there first, and that might be tricky, especially since it sounds like a snafu has shut down the city's pumping system. If you can get someone to confirm that US10 is still clear, Bywater is far east enough that you will probably be able to get there. But the rest of the city might be shutdown from the flooding. I dunno. I'd stay home out of an abundance of caution.
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I think you will be fine. There was a lot of panic this morning with the pumps being down for most of the city, but it has barely rained today. Assuming the forecast doesn't change drastically for tomorrow, the city should be fine.
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final answer: i went and had one of the best weekends of my life!!
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