Alternative vacation centers in the States?
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I had a great week learning mindfulness meditation, doing yoga, running in the mountains and learning from like-minded people at Spain's Cortijo Romero earlier in the year. I've heard good things about La Roane in France too. What vaguely similar places are there in the US? Not necessarily new age, health-related or outdoorsy, but vacations where I can learn something with thinking people a little bit off the beaten track: anything from Porcupine Freedom Festival to JoCo cruise might fit the bill.
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I'm not super familiar with the particulars, but there are a number of mindfulness/meditation places around Northern California. The one that popped up for me was the Eslaen Institute. The New York Times wrote an article on a number of these.
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If you want to get super-duper clothing-optional vegetarian hippie, Breitenbush, in Oregon, has lovely hotsprings. I haven't been to any of the workshops.
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Since you have a passport, you might want to consider Hollyhock on Cortes Island in BC.
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Despite the name, which I cannot even parse, it's kind of my dream to go to Equinisity Retreats in Canada (I'm sure there are similar places in the states, this is just the one I'm familiar with) and hang out with what looks like the world's most relaxed herd of horses.

Here's a video of them sleep farting, if that helps.
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In the Northeast US Omega Institute & Kripalu are a couple of very solid choices.
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A recent Ask may have some possibilities.
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The Chattaqua!
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I went to a workshop at the above mentioned Eslaen at it was really lovely. They have *tons* of workshops/activities, great food and facilities (we stayed off-site).

They recently closed due to the highway damage from a landslide so check before you go.
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Also popped in here to recommend Kripalu.
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Someone was just telling me about the John C. Campbell Folk School--he said it was one of the best experiences of his life, and he is 87 and has seen some shit.
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