Where can I buy matting and glazing for my framing project?
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I've become a hobbyist frame maker and I'd like to find cheaper alternatives to the materials I've used before.

I've made a few frames (maybe 20 9x7in) which was great fun. I've been putting standard Walgreens prints in these and they look excellent!

The whole purpose for taking up frame making was so that I could hang up my prints from college (maybe 30 of them, from less than 1sqft to ~16sqft).

I've run the numbers and doing these frames myself will cost ~$1000, and having them done professionally will cost ~$3000.

I'm looking to get the price down even more if I can.
The most expensive parts of the frame are the glazing and matting.

Can anyone recommend any matting or glazing suppliers that will ship to Denver, Colorado?
I'm looking for black matting and UV filtering acrylic specifically.
I've used a local supplier, Plasticare, for the smaller frames, but it was expensive (14$/sqft) and the pieces weren't cut precisely.

Thank you fellow framers!
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I've bought a bunch of matting from framingsupplies.com in the past. Good stuff, and extremely carefully packaged.
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Check out framedestination.com.
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Earlier this year I ordered a bunch of framing supplies from Metroframe; their prices were good and everything shipped quickly.

If you are doing enough framing, it may be worth it to buy a mat cutter and do that part yourself; and many local glass shops (like where you buy window glass) sell and cut acrylic.
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