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Where in NYC (pref. Manhattan) would you go if you wanted to buy some synthetic resin teeth on the cheap?

I know I can pay a decent bit to order them one-at-a-time from Amazon, or I can order them cheap from Alibaba in a bulk quantity that redefines excessive. I'd prefer to just wander up to a shop and pay an amount that falls somewhere between the two.

I think it goes without saying that I'm not a dentist.
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How many sets (or individual teeth) do you want to buy? I can't imagine that any place in Manhattan would sell something for less than you could get it on Amazon or Ebay. Is $11 for a full set too much?

You could check The Evolution Store on Broadway, they might have some. You can also try calling dental supply places, there are a couple in the city.
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what if you just want nothing but molars? I could find a lot of uses for molars.
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"Is $11 for a full set too much?"

I paid $8 for a set on Amazon, so yes. I'm just hoping someone will be like, "Oh I know where you can get that even cheaper, I saw them last week."

which at this point I don't think is going to happen BUT

"what if you just want nothing but molars? I could find a lot of uses for molars."

oh man me too. I'd take an all-molar option.
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I can send you a handful/mouthful? of loose ones, like, today, for free, if you like. From CA, so they'd take a while to reach you, but MeFi mail me if you want me to. My mother works at a denture manufacturer and they keep a candy dish full by the door. Like these.
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I've never marked an answer as better harder.
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