Help me find this umbrella (ella ella ella...)!
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One of my girlfriend's favorite umbrellas is on its last ribs. She hasn't been able to find another like it. Her birthday is in a couple weeks. Can the hivemind help me come through?

As you can see from the picture in the question, it's a navy blue umbrella with different colors at the end of each of its 16 panels. The only thing close to a maker's mark is on the inside of the snap and that might just be the maker of the snap.

Picture of snap.
Closed picture.

Google has turned up a lot of rainbow/multi-color umbrellas, but not this one.
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I have no idea what Brolliesgalore is or if they ship to the US, but they seem to have what you are looking for. Note that they have related items below, so there are more to choose from than just the one I linked.
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I found the same site that amro did, the handle isn't as fancy but it looks very close. Note that Brolliesgalore also has a pastel rainbow version which might be closer to the original. Searches for "umbrella rainbow scallop" or "double canopy rainbow umbrella" don't turn up much more.
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This place in Australia also has it; it looks like it has the same darker inside as your gf's, rather than full panels of color. They don't ship to the US -- maybe they could tell you a brand though?
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I've ordered plenty of times from - they seem to have it here.
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(which I now see is also sold by Brolliesgalore, but probably easier to get through Amazon)
posted by pyjammy at 1:36 PM on July 27 does ship internationally, but it is expensive.
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Black Ink in Cambridge sells that umbrella. Worth a trip!
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And here it is on Amazon (it's made by Vista Umbrella). But really, I recommend Black Ink!
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Looks like you found it marfa, thanks!
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