Cheeba chews... but vegan
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Vegan MMJ chews of a certain sort?

Relevant background: I am a strict vegan. I struggle with some really intense medical issues currently, and found that medical marijuana edibles are the most effective way to help myself.

I have a small small stomach (the actual organ) and am on a feeding tube, rarely consuming food by mouth. As such, I don't have the room in there for the one or sometimes multiple brownies, cookies, etc required for what relief level I need.

I tried a specific brand of these small tootsie-roll-esque MMJ chews called Cheeba Chews that was perfect! It was only a few bites, didn't vomit it up, and results were deeply relieving of my symptoms.

Unfortunately I found out from the friend who gave me one later that he had realized it had milk in it. I'm too strict a vegan to just look past it :/ There is another similar bend called Sensi Chews; but also not vegan(F**k!). (I need gluten free as well due to celiac disease, for what it's worth, but all or most of them seem to be gluten free.) Any help, guidance, advice, suggestions?
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I wonder if candy edibles/vegan candy edibles would be good search terms? There seem to be a lot of brands doing hard candy/lollipop-style edibles, including some like Dr Raw which are specifically marketed as vegan.
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This is a basic question, but you say the Cheeba Chew was given to you by a friend. Have you checked with your local dispensaries?
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You've probably already done this, but just quickly googling for "vegan mmj chew" I found these vegan Cheef Chews (those are sativa, not sure if that's what you want, also comes in indica and CBD) and several others. I also saw hard candies that might work for you, or lollipops/suckers. But I guess it all comes down to what is available where you are - if you have a local dispensary, you should probably talk to them about what's available, but what you're looking for absolutely exists.
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If volume is an issue, what about tinctures? They sell them in both flavored and unflavored versions, as well as high-CBD and so on. Also worth looking at might be capsules, mints, and hard candies.

Being in a state with legal weed shops, the edibles here are very clearly marked in terms of gluten/vegan/etc, and there are lots of options that would meet your criteria if you were here. However, most distribution is only within a state (sales between states are still difficult) so it may be hard to get hold of specific brands you find recommended online or mentioned here. If the stores/dispensaries in your area are any good at all, they should be able to help -- if going in person is difficult, can you call one or two local places to see what they sell that might fit your needs?
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came in to say the same thing as Dip Flash - look at tinctures for sure.

regardless of your location you could look at online dispensary menus, many of which clearly label their products by vegan and gluten free status, again as DF notes.
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Oh, tinctures for sure!
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Hard candy is another option
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One good thing to take into consideration when you are shopping around for vegan edibles is that the reason that the milk Works in Cheeba Chews is because the fat helps your body to take up the CBDs and THC, so if you find any option you may need to try boosting your fats a little.

The larger problem i am thinking of is that edibles may not work for you if you have absorption issues. If you're in the denver area let me know and I'll direct you to the medical shop where my wife works.
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