He had this intense appeal, is the thing.
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Who the hell am I thinking of? What is this tv show/film?

What I can remember:

A rural male doctor in a cabin (period piece?). He has red hair combed back. A thick Scottish (Irish?) accent. Something possibly about a wife who died in childbirth. Is afraid to practice? Frequently defends the rural people he lives near. He is broad shouldered, sleeves frequently rolled up. Always knocking metal kitchenware about. He is a love interest of the female protagonist. Things are awkward at first though because he is so surly.

Thinking 1990s? Maybe early 00s?
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Best answer: Is it Stewart Finlay-McLennan in Christy?
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Its a long shot but Doc Martin?
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Liam Neeson in Nell?
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Dr. Finlay, maybe? But Doc Martin sounds closest to me.
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Doc Martin doesn't have red hair and is set in the present day, though. Also he lives in a fishing village, not a cabin.
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The Campbells?
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Best answer: Could you be thinking of the show Christy and the handsome Dr. Neil McNeil?

HA HA, can't read and missed the VERY FIRST COMMENT.
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Byron Sully from Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman? She's the doctor but he did lose a wife and daughter in childbirth.
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Response by poster: It's Dr. Neil McNeil!! Thank y'all. I was going nuts.
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