Writing exercises to sort through personal issues?
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I need some kind of writing framework to help sort through my personal issues. I have been working through the 12 steps, but I feel like I want to pursue something a little less higher power oriented. Are there similar things to the 12 steps that may help guide me along a path to working out some of my bullshit? Therapy is one thing, but I feel like stuff sticks better if I write.
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This might interest you - an individual's explanation of rewriting the 12 steps in a way that works for an atheist.

Here's a post on alternatives to 12-step groups.

Good luck!
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The New Diary, by Tristine Rainer, was a tremendous help to me.

I should revisit it; thank you for the prod!
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The book: "feeling good" and "reinventing your life" have good exercises that serve as great writing prompts for this kind of work.
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I do a version of Morning Pages with Natalie Goldberg's Rules for Writing Practice in mind. Goldberg's book, Writing Down the Bones changed my life.

Morning Pages for me are a lot like meditation. Julia Cameron says you can only write the same shit over and over again so many times before you decide to do something about it.
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Kathleen Adams has written several workbooks for therapeutic journaling. They are highly regarded in the therapeutic profession. There are some other ones that look good too - just look up therapy journaling healing on Amazon.
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There is Progoff Journaling.
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Self Authoring has supposedly reduced levels of college dropout with those groups who have used it. Read reviews and look for discount codes, it could help.
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I have heard good things about The Work by Byron Katie. The worksheets are free to download on her website.
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I saw How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything recommended here on AskMe. I've got it checked out from the library and so far I think it's got some good stuff.
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