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I'm looking for date ideas in Las Vegas, please.

Myself, my wife, and her girlfriend are going to be in Vegas for a friend's wedding, and we're looking for ideas for a date for the three of us. Parameters are:

- it doesn't have to be particularly "datelike" (though I won't turn down something romantic), we're really just looking for a nice excursion for the three of us
- activity and/or meal suggestions are welcome
- budget is flexible (yay for all three of us working at one time), so while helicopter tours and champagne are out, otherwise, we're just gathering ideas, so even simple stuff like "go here and take a picnic, it's an amazing view" is great.
- I've been to Vegas before but only stayed on the strip (though I've been to Fremont Street). Wife was there once for about 24 hours in the Army and doesn't remember much. GF has never been there. We will be renting a house off strip this time and have access to a car.
- There are already group plans for brunch at Mon Ami Gabi, a meal at Yardbird, dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen, visiting the Shark Aquarium, and seeing Penn & Teller.
- I have seen Ka; otherwise, I don't think anyone else has seen any Cirque shows.
- They're music geeks. We all love football. GF is a huge comic geek. I love zoos and aquariums. Wife enjoys military history. GF and I read books like we breathe. We all like history and science museums. We play board games voraciously. We love live music. Old home architecture (think Monticello and Biltmore) is always a hit. Behind the scenes tours (breweries, sports stadiums, that kind of thing) are a hit. We're happy to do things that aren't our specific interests but that the other members of the party enjoy.
- I'm gluten-intolerant but otherwise we'll all three eat pretty much anything on our plate, but sushi, steak, BBQ, Thai, and Indian are particular favorites. We all three drink, but we're not big drinkers, but we enjoy a nice craft cocktail. We like schmancy food and we like hole-in-the-wall food; we just like good food.

We have all day on a Thursday free, a Friday up until about 3, Saturday until about 8 (or maybe earlier, depending on what the group decides on for dinner before P&T).

I appreciate any suggestions you have; thanks, hivemind. :)
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I don't think anyone else has seen any Cirque shows. ... They're music geeks.

If they like the Beatles, I'd recommend the Love show. They did some cool stuff with remixing the audio with George Martin.

If it's not too hot to be outdoors and hiking for your taste, Red Rock Canyon is nearby and pretty as is Valley of Fire.

If you want something risque, some people like The Erotic Heritage Museum and others hate it. Same thing with the non-risque but creepy to some Bodies.

If this pushes your wife's military buttons in a good way, I know some people that like Battlefield Vegas.

The Light Art Park has Bliss Dance, which is lovely (especially at night).

My favorite non-tourist food there is in the Taiwanese area where you can find great little delis that will serve you stuff you can't get at most Chinese places for very little money compared to what you pay on the strip.
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The Neon Museum? I had a tour booked when I was there in December but it was cancelled due to high winds. Gutted. (Loved Yardbird!)
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If you are into fancy pools and beachy settings, you can rent a cabana at Mandalay Bay for a day, even if you are not staying at the hotel. The wave pool and lazy river are fun, and you can get drinks and food brought to your cabana. I did this with 3 friends last October and we had a blast.
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