What could I wear that ISN'T clothes? (Creative costume filter)
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Getting ready for Burning Man and trying to think outside the box. I want to make some unexpected costumes / accessories. Maybe a bra made out of two little strainers attached to one another, for instance. What is the thing that's a spoon ring, but for your *whole body?* I'm a ladyperson with a slim athletic build.
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A barrel with two leather straps has a certain old-timey charm.
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A little pokey but infinitely customizable and cheap in bulk: zip ties.
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Lamp shades? Fish net?

I suppose you could glue, tie, or suspend items from string.

Stuffed animal whole or 'skined' or other toys.
Tin cans, plastic drink cups eg McD's, scraps of paper or plastic, silk flowers.

Vining plants potted in cloth bags hung around your person. You'd have to mist them frequently, which would be personally cooling.

Whatever you do, careful of sunburn and grit around the nether regions.
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A skirt made out a paint sample strips? Really, I'd just go to a hardware store, a regular one, not Home Depot, and wander around.
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Also make sure bits won't fall off. Don't want to moop.

That having been said, balsa wood is lightweight and strong. Could make some interesting sleeves.
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Hmm. Teddy bear bra? They'd need to be sort of long armed bears, but it might work.
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I saw clothes made out of kombucha mother leather on display once. I imagine they'd be pretty brittle to actually wear as a full-on outfit, but you could probably grow some accessories.
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Newspaper ball gown. People can read you.
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wear a kayak as a skirt , port starboard navigation leds
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I've always wanted a skirt made out of suit ties. But only sewn together at the top. So it flaps around everywhere at the bottom. No underwear so people can see your cooch. That's the best accessory anyways.
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The theme for 2017 is radical ritual. Something goddess -inspired?

Comfort would matter to me. You could get strings of flower leis and wear a bunch in lieu of a bra, and string a bunch from an elastic belt as a skirt. A similar skirt of mirrors would be effective and a silvery bra of some sort, space blanket Mylar is a good resource.
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Duct tape?
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I'd advise against electrical tape. The adhesive is nasty.

At the last event I went to, I saw someone wearing a pattern in electrical tape (less nasty adhesive) that looked pretty awesome and sci-fi.
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Sorry for the typo. I meant that I'd advise against *duct tape*.
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I think part of the trick here may be considering the discomfort or heat from material choice.

Couple of material options that come to mind:
- Florals (craft store) - attaching together like daisy chains or attaching to a base garment. You can also buy floral panels. Floral foam & craft styrofoam could also be used to build light weight wackiness. A solar system skirt would be awesome.
- Trim. Check out the trim section of the craft store. Beads, fringes, pompoms, and feather fringes.
- Hardware store. Bungee cords (or rope) could be a base for a harness. Various screen types of materials could be tolerable wearables. Plumbing parts come in all sort of shapes and PVC is relatively easy to work with, glue together, and paint (with plastic safe paint).
- Thrift store. Maybe old melamine dishes? A teacup bra could be excellent (drill holes & string together). Dime store novel covers (or book pages). Pieces from kids game (flashcards, old mother hen).
- Garden things - a plastic pot cut in half potted with flowers would also make a good bra bit.

Body paint could also be used liberally. Perhaps you're a modern visible woman/entity.

Good luck!
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They may not be anything really new, but feather boas are always fun. Esp. if you later a couple of colors and textures.

I also had a thought about hats. To appropriately sized ones to make a bra, and two wider brimmed ones strung together to cover the front and back naughty bits. (Obv. The back hat would have to be something that wouldn't get ruined by sitting on it.) You could use neckties and / or suspenders to string everything together. If the theme is rituals, it's tied to the old ritual of tipping one's hat.
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