Looking for online groupware app for volunteer scheduling
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I'm looking for a free online collaborative calendar/spreadsheet app to schedule volunteers. I'd like it to have time down the left side and 3 columns with titles and the whole thing can be group edited. I need 7 consecutive days of 1-hr slots from 8am to midnight.

Our local community radio station is doing its first fund drive. The drive lasts one week. We will have 3 volunteers per hour from 8 am to midnight. We have "day captains" who are responsible for the volunteers for their day, but we need to collectively know who's volunteering when and what slots still need to be filled.

I'd like an online application to do this so that we can all be kept up to date as volunteers are added. I looked at a few collaborative sites, but they seem to focus on paragraph-style text when I really want an editable grid.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.
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Try here.

It looks like Yahoo! calendar could do the trick, you'd just have to set up a username and password and give it to everybody. There are quite a few more sites to look through on that page as well.
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it may be too small, but it's very easy.
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There are a lot of calendars out there. This one looks pretty useful for groups:

Yahoo Groups might also be worth looking into if most of your members have email.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the replies you all.

I looked at the basic yahoo calendar, but wasn't immediately able to grok the way to get the grid I wanted. Additionally, I can't believe I'd forgotten about the yahoo directories. It's been years since I've looked at them, I'd gotten so complacent with google searches. Thanks dsword for reminding me and for your quick and helpful response.

After taking a 30 second glance at each of the sites recommended, it looks like numsum will do the trick, though I will spend some time with the others to figure out how we might utilize some of them for various purposes at the station.

thanks all!
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Try planzo.com - works great for me.
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