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It's a stretch, but Metafilter is surprisingly good at finding things. What was this comedy radio show I heard 15 years ago?

I heard it sometime around 2003, driving late one night in the Midwest. The whole show had a Coast to Coast AM vibe, with talk of aliens and ghosts. Except it was a comedy show, with at least some of the callers being obviously scripted.

What I remember most vividly is a long segment about the song "I Will Survive." A caller called in claiming that the song had a backmasked message in it calling on women to violently rise up against men. He talked about his girlfriend hearing it at a wedding and dancing with a knife, pretending to stab him with it. The whole segment had really clever editing, where they'd use little blips of the song to transition between callers.

I know it sounds a lot like Scharpling and Wurster, but I'm 95% sure it wasn't them. I was nowhere near New York and I'm pretty sure it was an AM station. But also, it had a bit more of a Midwest-ey tone to it. It had that same rhythm, though, where the host is the straight man and the caller just keeps escalating the story into ridiculousness.
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Sounds a lot like classic Phil Hendrie to me. Although I don't remember that set-up specifically, he has has definitely done a couple shows leveraging I Will Survive.
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Sounds like this Phil Hendrie show in particular!
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Wow! Yeah, that's got to be it. Thanks.
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