Lone Meow Wolf
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I'm contemplating driving from Denver to Santa Fe in a few weeks to check out Meow Wolf by myself (as part of an extended Artist's Date/Artist's Way weekend, if it matters). Will I regret not going with my husband or someone I know? I feel silly asking this question, as I am perfectly capable of having a good time on my own, but I wonder how much of it is about experiencing/discussing/absorbing it WITH someone else?

And, any tips about best time of day to visit or anything else? I plan to drive down on a Friday and back on Sunday or Monday, possibly July 21-23. Santa Fe travel recommendations for solo travelers also appreciated! Thanks!
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Any trip to Meow Wolf is a good trip to Meow Wolf. It's fun with others, but it's also awesome alone. You should have a breakfast burrito at The Pantry (with carne adovada and red chile) while you're there.
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I've been there by myself and it's beautiful. the best thing I did was a tour at Georgia o'keefe's house. the only unpleasant thing I remember was being catcalled by a busboy at Telocote (which did have good food).
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you'll want sunscreen and lotion.
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I'm heading out on a solo trip to Santa Fe on Friday!

I'm staying with my mother on this trip, but I've stayed here in the past and it was lovely: https://santafemotel.com/
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It's fun and immersive all by itself, and can be appreciated just fine alone.
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I think it depends on how you prefer to experience things like this. I usually go to museums alone because I like to have my own, unpolluted, experience of the art, plus I want to spend as much or as little time at particular things as I feel like at the time. I was at Meow Wolf two weeks ago with someone else and I was often thinking about going back later by myself (because it's really cool and worth an extended look). Of course, YMMV.

Also, seconding Tecolote for breakfast. So good.
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This probably depends a lot on personality, but I think Meow Wolf is GREAT alone. There are a huge number of interactive things, but many of them are best experienced alone- books to flip through, mail to read, files to examine- so that you can take your time and not feel like you need to accommodate someone else.
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Experiencing something with someone can be more external, while experiencing something alone can be more internal. Which sounds like a pretty awesome way to connect with your personal, artistic self.

Beinng alone is quiet enough to connect to your artistic expression.
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I loved exploring Meow Wolf with my partner, but have no doubt I would have enjoyed being able to do it at my own pace. Go for it!
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