exercise transversus abdominus
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How to exercise the transversus abdominus?

Any practical tips to make it easier to do and remember.
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Well here's one suggestion.
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Well I could find this and this.

This page describes the pelvic tilt and this one describes the Superman.
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Yoga, specifically anusara style yoga, focuses on this area in almost every pose. I'm guessing pilates, with its emphasis on core strength, would probably also help. Might be worth taking a few classes in either, as they should help you figure out how you should be sitting and standing all the time.
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You can't find much because the more common spelling is "transversus abdominis." Short definition/explanation.

This site says it helps if you do your abdominal exercises (hollowing and bracing helps, it says, while situps don't) slowly, about one per 2 or 3 seconds.

Singers -- and I mean specifically classically trained singers, think choirs and opera -- use it and need it. If you can sing, or want to, this could be very fun. If not, here's breathing exercises with basically the same purpose.

I think this is one of your core muscles, right? I can't tell you how many billion articles I've seen about it in women's magazines (most of the exercises described there involve exercise balls). Here's a non-exercise-ball-involving slide show about exercising this muscle along with the rest of your core -- keep clicking "next" for more exercises.
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Pilates works this muscle. Riding horses does too.
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