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I'm looking for some nintendo-hop. Gangster shit a plus.

Okay, so here's the deal. I'm looking for some hip-hop/rap that sounds, in some way or another, like oldschool games/chiptunes/nintendo music. The actual lyrical content is less important than the instrumental - i.e. I want it to sound like somebody's rapping over a nintendo game, or something close.

So far I've got a few collected, but I'm looking for more. I'm not looking for anything gimmicky or parody-style, unless the artist has some serious skills.

Also acceptable are songs that are just kinda retro synth-y, or to a random passerby would sound "like nintendo music". I'd prefer underground artists, as I'm gonna be contacting these artists for a project I'm working on. Anyone have any reccomendations, or better yet, mp3s?

I know about Warp to World 6-9, so that's out.
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I know its not quite what you're after but have you heard the mash up of MIA's Galang with the theme from Super Mario Bros?
posted by ninebelow at 2:47 AM on January 18, 2006

Li'l Flip's "Game Over" sparked a lawsuit over the use of uncleared samples from Pac-Man.
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mark vii. Check out Commando Jackson.
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I stumbled onto this great Mario Bros remix of a hip hop track ages ago. I have no idea who it is by though.
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I like the Supa Mario remix from DJ Clue. Find tons more here, I haven't listened to them all.
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On lack of preview, stokast beats me to it. Also, ninebelow is referring to a DJ named, and the track in question is here.
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not hip-hop, but...
jahtari do a dub version of the international karate theme.
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Best answer: Cocoa Brovaz-Super Brooklyn.
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The Molemen put out a great single featuring Slug, Aesop Rock, and MF Doom called Put your Quarter Up - it's an ode to video games over what sounds like a video game sample. Lyrics and a few more video-game hip hop songs here.
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If you can find a copy of DJ Rondevu's "Dirty Business" mixtape, it has a couple tracks where he mixes different rhymes with the "Flip" Pac-Man sounds.
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According to the phenomenal Ishkur's Guide, you are looking for examples of the microgenre of VGM (Video Game Music), aka chiptunes. Potentially also Casiocore.
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Check out Scram Jones' "64 Bit." Lyrics have nothing to do with video games, but the beat's definitely what you're looking for. I have it off some mixtape, but it looks like it was released on an album called Loose Cannons. There's dirty and clean versions available (not sure what your use is...)
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Prefuse 73 does a wonderful blend of hip-hop and glitchy IDM (sample on iTunes).

There's also the ever-popular MC Chris, who while every song is not video game-esqe, has a few tracks that are certainly video game inspired, such as Robotussin which sampled Gauntlet.

Neither of these are terribly gangster, I'm afraid. While Prefuse is serious, Chris is way way doing the geek rap thing.
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The Peel Session version of Jimmy Breeze #1 by Clouddead features a sample of the original Legend of Zelda level select screen.
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C-Rayz Walz has a dope freestyle over a Legend of Zelda beat, though I have no idea what it's called. You could probably find it on P2P by searching for "Zelda freestyle c-rayz" or something.
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DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince did a rap about video game addiction.
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Upon further consideration Clouddead's sample is from one of the dungeons, not the level select screen.
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Response by poster: Hey, thanks for all the info thus far - I'm familiar with a lot of these artists, and some of them aren't quite relevant to what I'm doing, but the samples are great anyway.

Msbrauer, would you happen to have an mp3/link to that particular joint? Dirty is fine.

Keep them coming...
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Some grime hip-hop has a definite 8-bit feel to me, especially Dizzee Rascal's Boy in Da Corner. Not actual samples from games, but taking the actual music from those games to a much darker place.
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Aphex Twin's Power Pill.
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Check out the two Game Over mixtapes, and Beanie Siegel's 'Mac Man,' and Del the Funkee Homosapien's 'Proto Culture.' And 8bitpeoples.
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See if you can track down "Galaxy Defenders" by the Computor Rockers. They're an Adam F side project.
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ytcracker's album "nerdrap entertainment system" (free download)
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