Time for a smartphone upgrade: June 2017 edition
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I currently have an ancient Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. However, I'm really frustrated with the short battery life and the overheating. Otherwise, I like it just fine and it does what I need. Does the hivemind have any recommendations as of June 2017 for a smartphone upgrade model? What should I get next? Thanks!
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What carrier?
posted by deezil at 6:14 PM on June 19, 2017

sorry, AT&T is my carrier.
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...is there anything specific you're looking for, or about which you like the S4 Active? Because otherwise, I'd defer to the Wirecutter and recommend the Pixel or Galaxy S8. If you're thinking about jumping to iOS, then you'd want to wait for the fall to see what Apple's up to.
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Wanted to make sure you were US based more than anything. Wirecutter link there is good, and it's backed up by Tested
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The OnePlus5 is launching/announcing/revealing/whatever tomorrow, with what looks like fairly impressive specs at a lower price than the S8. Barring some weird detail that comes out tomorrow thats what I've been holding out for this year.
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The trick with Android phones is that you're taking a gamble that the manufacturer will actually update the OS in the future... sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they release a bad update that makes the phone worse and isn't reversible. After a couple of phones that were only supported for a year each, I made the jump to iOS.
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What's your budget? Do you need a flagship phone? If you're not a power-user and don't care about bragging rights you could get more bang for your buck with a new older model or a non-flagship phone.
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I had an S4 active, and when it was time to get a new one I got an s5 active. Still hard to break and the phone just does what I want it to do. Oddly (or not. It was to me) I got it on groupon, and I think it was one model behind the newest so it was cheap-ish.
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The Pixel is pretty amazing. The camera beats everyone else's camera in low light performance and also in startup time.
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OnePlus has been really great with both the 3 and the 3T (there are three in my immediate family). My wife likes her Pixel XL. I'd recommend either. Both have been good with updates.
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