Bluetooth phone for land-line?
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Are there any land-line (PSTN) phones that are Bluetooth-enabled and can sync with Address Book? I'm tired of manually transferring phone numbers from my home phone to my laptop and cellphone.
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Hey - if you have Windows, you can use the Uniden ELBT595. It has software to sync with Outlook, and also supports bluetooth headsets and cell phone pass through (it can answer your cell phone calls.) I used it when I had Windows and it worked pretty well.

Motorola has one, too, but I haven't tired it.

Now that I'm on a Mac, I haven't found a way to sync the phone book with the Uniden. I use BluePhone Elite, software that automatically dials the cell phone and manages calls; there's also software called Jon's Phone Tool, which can interface with a launcher like Quicksilver and automatically dial the call - if you have a VOIP service like Vonage. Sounds a bit kludgy, but as I recall, no more so than Uniden's Outlook sync software.

- dan
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