Can Address Book (OSX) show all of the LDAP entries in the given search base?
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Creating a shared address book on an LDAP server to be accessed from Mac clients. Can I somehow get the directory to show all of the entries without having to search for one?

Goal: Company address book stored in the LDAP server on OSX Server, searchable and browesable by anyone authenticated.

Here's my problem. All of the tutorials I've found end with Address Book connected to the LDAP server, and the entries stored, but you have to type a name to get it to show up. There is no list of entries in the directory.*

How can I get Address Book to show all of the LDAP entries in the given search base? This is a very small company, there is no danger of queries returning thousands of entries.

This is not going to fly with the client. "What do you mean I type in who I'm looking for? I don't know who I'm looking for, if I knew that I wouldn't be looking for them."
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I'm not a Mac user, but I'm sure there is a search function in Address Book. A simple trick to get all the listings is to search for "@". Viola. Every valid email address has an @ in it.
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